Requirements for rehoming

Rescue horses, ponies and donkeys can make wonderful companions and it’s extremely rewarding knowing you’ve made a real difference to an animal’s life. 

 If you are considering rehoming one of our equines there’s lots to think about. Below details the requirements that you  would need to meet:-

– At least 1/2 an acre of land per equine

-The time to check them twice daily, they must not ever go more than 24 hours without being checked on to make sure they have food, fresh water  and are safe and secure.

– Shelter in the means of a building or stable. Its important to note that most of the equines we get through are not used to being confined in a stable and it causes them great stress to go to a new home and immediately be stabled every night.  If they can’t have free access to a shelter then the stabling needs to be introduced gradually

– Fencing of either electric tape (Mains preferred) or post and rail
– If equines are re-homed alone they must have suitable company ready at their new home. Donkeys must be rehomed with another donkey to meet their social needs

– New owners must be able to afford the farrier to trim their feet every 6-10 weeks, dental checks, worming, feeding through the winter and any veterinary care they may need over their lifetime

-Are not to sell on the equine without contacting the Sanctuary first
– Are not to breed from equine
– Agree to updates and visits (If possible)

Most of the equines can be rehomed to the UK, but this is costly in transport fees (£500+) we have found ETA to be one of the best: but we can get comparison quotes for you. Adoption fees apply and thank you for considering rehoming from us. 

Thank you for taking an interest in our work