The Meat Trade

The equine meat trade is to satisfy the demand throughout Europe and other countries. Although its unlikely that horse meat will be taken off the menu totally, having horses slaughtered in local abattoirs with the minimum of waiting and manhandling and better travel conditions would be better, and perhaps, more importantly, the control on the supply through thoughtless breeding and owners who don’t understand a horse is not just something you can ride or breed and make money off, it is an amazing animal in its own right and deserves a home for life and also deserves to die in peace at home when the time comes.

Officially equines that are very young, pregnant, ill,  marked not for consumption or don’t have passports are not allowed to be sent to slaughter but we know that a lot of these animals are not properly checked and passports that are not theirs are acquired to send over with an animal that is superficially similar that meets the requirement for transport and slaughter. The lorries are packed full of many equines who are scared and often un-handlable each one is certainly not thoroughly checked to make sure it matches its passport.

Please sign the World Horse Welfare petition here on improving the welfare of equines being transported across Europe for the meat trade. The more difficult and less profitable it is made to transport animals live the less it will be done.