Saving Equines from Slaughter

The Pegasus Sanctuary is made up of Felicity who created it 15 years ago and a small team of volunteers. They work hard saving the lives of equines destined for the abattoir and then finding them a new home. More recently the Sanctuary has saved the lives of a number of equines being used as bate in Spanish Bull Fights visit here to find out more.

How We Work

The Sanctuary has dealt with a local abattoir dealer for a number of years. In the first instance, he will alert Felicity that there is an equine due to go to the abattoir who he feels deserves a second chanceAt this point, the abattoir dealer then delivers the equine to the Sanctuary and gives the Sanctuary about 2 weeks to raise the funds to save its life. Upon arrival at the Sanctuary, we immediately launch an urgent appeal on Facebook to help raise the funds needed and raise awareness of the equine’s plight. An assessment of the equine’s condition, nature and life experiences, where possible, is conducted.
Thankfully, our supporters kindly donate and share the online campaign, helping us raise the necessary funds. The equine remains the property of the abattoir dealer until we can pay him, and he will ask for the equine back if funds are not raised. We are extremely fortunate that this has never happened thanks to ‘our supporters’ who have such big hearts and continue to support our work. 
On occasions, the abattoir dealer may ask a higher price for more valuable horses and this is unfortunately not something we are able to control. Although it is frustrating to have to buy horses to rescue them, we believe that it’s better we are given the opportunity to try save the equines’s life. 

Once They Are Saved!

Once the sufficient funds have been raised the equines life is safe and it remains at the Sanctuary under the care of Felicity and a small team of volunteers. But sadly, many arrive traumatised, terrified and in poor condition needing urgent treatment from the farrier, dentist and vet.

Looking after so many equines with such varied needs is very expensive and sometimes, they can remain at the Sanctuary for months while they rehabilitate before they are rehomed.

A Fresh New Start........

Our ultimate aim is to find a loving new home for the equines we have saved, giving them a fresh new start in life. We are always looking for homes, however, we know very little about the equines that come into our care, the previous owners may have told the meatman they have been ridden or driven but we cannot test this and in most cases their suitability for being ridden, driven, handled by children or other such uses cannot be guaranteed.

During their time at the Sanctuary, we do what we can to assess their character and get to know them so that we can match them with the right forever home. Rehoming an equine is so rewarding and gives us a chance to make space to save another life. If you are considering rehoming an equine, please take a look at our rehoming section where we feature a handful of our residents and information on what is required to rehome one of our equines.