Equines needing a Home

Thank you for considering to adopt an equine, we are always looking for homes for our rescued horses, ponies and donkeys. It’s so rewarding offering an equine who may have gone to slaughter a new life in a loving home.

To ensure the continued safety of the equines all homes must meet the certain requirements which you can find here.  Meet just some of our equines looking for their forever home, for more information on each of them please contact the Sanctuary.  Below is just a selection of our residents looking for their forever home, there are plenty more, please contact us to find out more about them. 

We couldn’t continue our work saving equines from slaughter without people like you!

Spot & Amie

Spot & Amie are two well behaved ponies, well handled and friendly, looking for their forever home together. Spot & Amie were rescued over a year ago when Amie was young and Spot just a baby. They are about 1m tall but have a little more growing to do. They are used to being around people and dogs.

Gold & Sorrell

Gold is a trotter mare in her early 20s; Sorrell is also a trotter boy and a baby at just 7 months old. They were rescued separately, but as soon as Sorrell arrived, Gold took her under her wing and they have been inseparable since then and helped each other overcome the trauma they’ve both suffered.

Gold was saved in December and Sorrell in January, saved at just 6 months old. At the moment, we’re looking for a home in France where they can stay together. Gold suffers from Wobbler’s and has some problems with her eye which requires medication.

Please get in touch with The Pegasus Sanctuary if you can offer any of our equines a forever home. The best way is to send them via Facebook message but you can also contact them via our website, or by phone.