About Us

Pegasus Sanctuary was set up almost 15 years ago by Felicity at her home in rural Normandy. The sanctuary was set up with the primary aim to rescue and re-home equines destined for the abattoir. Since then as well as rescuing hundreds of equines from the abattoir we have also saved over 10 destined for the Spanish Bull Fights. 

In 2016, The Pegasus Sanctuary became a fully registered charity within France. During this time Felicity has re-homed hundreds of equines destined for the abattoir and is the only organisation in Normandy to do so on such an extensive scale.

All the horses, ponies and donkeys at the sanctuary have been rescued from the fate of the meat trade. Many of these animals arrived at the sanctuary in a terrible state, having been neglected, abused and put through emotional stress, some needing immediate veterinary care. Felicity with a small team of volunteers cares and provides them with a safe haven to recuperate until a new home is found.

The Pegasus Sanctuary is only small with around 10 acres of land and some large barns to house the rescued equines. Currently there are almost 50 equines at the Sanctuary, all have been rescued from the abattoir and many are awaiting to be rehomed

The task of caring for such a large number of horses, ponies and donkeys with varying needs and health conditions is exceptionally difficult. The cost of food, visits from the farrier every 6 – 8 weeks, the dentist and veterinary treatments etc., the list is endless.  

Without the kindness of Our Supporters The Pegasus Sanctuary would simply not exist and many more of these beautiful creatures would sadly end their days at the fate of the abattoir. For out latest appeals please visit our Facebook page. 

Thank you for taking an interest in our work

Felicity with Big Mimi and some of the Equines saved by The Sanctuary