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Thankyou for considering to adopt a resident equine. If you are looking to save an equine from the abattoir please look at our other page ‘Saving equines from the abattoir’. To ensure the continued safety of the equines all homes must meet the following requirements:

– At least 1/2 an acre of land per equine

-The time to check them twice daily, they must not ever go more than 24 hours without being checked on to make sure they have food, fresh water  and are safe and secured

– Shelter in the means of a building or stable. Its important to note that most of the equines we get through are not used to being confined in a stable and it causes them great stress to go to a new home and immediately be stabled every night.  If they can’t have free access to a shelter then the stabling needs to be introduced gradually

– Fencing of either electric tape (Mains preferred) or post and rail
– If equines are re-homed alone they must have suitable company ready at their new home. Donkeys must be rehomed with another donkey to meet their social needs

– New owners must be able to afford the farrier to trim their feet every 6-10 weeks, dental checks, worming, feeding through the winter and any veterinary care they may need over their lifetime

-Are not to sell on the equine without contacting the Sanctuary first
– Are not to breed from equine
– Agree to updates and visits (If possible)

Most of the equines can be rehomed to the UK, but this is costly in transport fees (£500+) we have found ETA to be one of the best:  http://eta.uk.com/ but we can get comparison quotes for you.

Adoption fees apply

Donkeys for adoption

We often have new residents too which aren’t yet on the rehoming page, please let us know if you are looking for an equine to adopt.

Almost all our residents have been saved from going to the abattoir


Dylan is a larger donkey gelding, we think around 13 years old. He has an unusual coat which is long and fluffy and which tends to dreadlock. He loves a treat and a scratch and will always come and see you but is wary if you try and do something to him he thinks is suspicious (like trim his dreadlocks) He is not very good with the farrier and has needed to be sedated but with more one on one than the sanctuary can provide we do think he can become more relaxed about it. He also often prefers to hang around with the horses rather than the other donkeys as his previous home was with them so he  could go to a home with just horses for companions.


Moppet (Salveta on her passport) female donkey born 2003. She came to us with a mare companion she had been with most of her life but unfortunately couldn’t be rehomed together. She has bonded again with a mare at the Sanctuary (Jerika) Who in an ideal world she would be rehomed with but we understand that’s not always possible. She would need to go to a home with another gentle mare to be her friend though. She is quite nervous as she has been roughly handled and needs putting in a smaller area to be caught but is very good once caught.


Gorgeous George is a 6 year old Gelding donkey, he is very friendly and calm and good to do things with. He had overgrown feet when he arrived but they have now been sorted but suggest he was likely left alone in a field, unwanted for the last few years. He is suitable for rehoming in the UK


Poppy (Experienced home only)

Poppy is a 9 year old 13.2hh Ardennes x she is unbacked and has been badly treated in the past and can be timid but really warms up to you when she knows you and you loves a good bum scratch and will follow you about. She is very nervous of strangers so is scared of the farrier so will need sedation. She is a very good doer and easily gets fat so would need some restricting in summer.


Jerika D’Henovis is a chunky pure bred Selle Francais mare 22 years old of around 16hh she had been very neglected when she arrived with bad mud fever and sores.  She is blind in one eye but this does not bother her much. Like the other equines here she was destined for the abattoir in Italy. We know nothing of her history but she is a big sweet girl. She thinks of herself as the herd nanny and wants to look after her friends so gets upset when they leave so she would need to be with a companion that isn’t taken away to be ridden, she doesn’t do anything bad but we’d prefer she doesn’t have to worry.

Amber – Could be ridden in future

This trotter filly arrived with us at just 5 months old, her Mum died and she was to be sent to the abattoir due to no fault of her own. She has been handled and is very friendly. She has had some handling but due to the amount of equines here it has not been frequent enough and she is currently going through the terrible two stage! She is not nasty just cheeky and bolshy. We are looking to rehome to someone who is experienced with youngsters to give her the best start in life. She is sound and would be suitable for backing once old enough.

The Cob Normande Girls

These two old gals arrived with us early 2019 and were very skinny and scared. They are both early 30s which is incredibly old for their breed. They very much love each other and are inseparable. We don’t expect them to last many more years, they have arthritis and ringbone which makes their feet hard to do but luckily being so heavy they chip them down quite well on hard ground. We are only looking for a foster/retirement home because they are scared of the big horses and mean to the little ones so need a field on their own or with lots of space which is something we don’t have here at the Sanctuary. They had to come back from their previous foster because they didn’t have mains electric fence so were walking through the tape but are very good with mains tape. They are still happy with life so we want that to continue for as long as possible.

Graziella- Ridden

Graziella is a 25 year old, 14hh part Arab. She is ex-riding school so is good to do things with. One of our volunteers has ridden her on the lunge and she was very good, if rather unenthusaiastic which is not surprising for her past but we think she could be a light hack for a small rider.


Goldeen is a beautiful 15 year old  Thoroughbred ex-racer. She arrived with a foot abscess which is now cleared up. I don’t think she will be able to be ridden by an adult as she is a bit sore on top of her quarters if pressure is placed there but she is so calm and gentle I wouldn’t be surprised if she could be a lead rein horse for a small child. (This has not been tested) She is good to lead, load, and with the farrier and dentist. She needs hard feed and rugging in the winter.


Hazel, who was saved just 3 weeks ago, is  looking for her forever home.
She is such a sweet little pony who gets on well with the other ponies here, we are hoping there is someone out there who can offer her the super home that she deserves. We don’t know her exact age, but she is around her early 20s.

Hazel suffers from mild sweet itch, but is otherwise healthy – and she enjoys rolling in the mud, as you can see from the photos . She is also a typical Shetland in that she likes to be in charge when there’s food around! She is suitable for rehoming in the UK

Shetland Family for Foster

Foster appeal for our Shetland family of two possibly pregnant mums and colt foals.
We have decided to look for a foster home nearby instead of rehoming for now so we can keep an eye on them and rehome the sons separately (Or with their mums) after they have been gelded and weaned. We would be looking for someone to look after this family for about 14 months while they have their next foals (Due in about April time) and their current foals are weaned and then gelded (Costs for the castrations we will try and raise through the Sanctuary) A foster home would need to be within about an hour’s drive from Dangy, Basse-Normandie, France so we can check how they are getting on. The Sanctuary is not ideal for them as with 30 equines here and not enough volunteers its hard to give them the attention they need. A home would need to have some experience of breeding or be prepared to follow instruction closely which will mean some sleepless nights up to the births! The Meatman was very certain that they would be pregnant and said the stallion was a red skewbald Shetland but we will have a vet examine them to make sure. The mares are 9 and 12 years old and the foals 6 months and are healthy. If you would be able to offer them a foster home or would like to sponsor their care whilst at foster or if they need to stay here please message us, thankyou.


Java is a very kind 22 year old big, but somewhat sad Trotter mare. She has produced 16 foals during her lifetime but was sent to the abattoir once too old to breed. She arrived with mild laminitis which hasn’t been a problem since.  We haven’t put her up for rehoming until now despite having her a few months as we wanted to make sure she didn’t have chronic laminitis but there has been no reoccurance. She is quite a slow thoughtful mare, she doesn’t get excited over much and is a bit head shy like almost all the ex-racing trotters we get here but she does like a scratch even if she is a bit suspicous about what you might be doing, we feel with more one to one she would learn to properly enjoy human interaction.

Two Shetland Mares 

These three girls arrived together in summer, they are quite timid and are still worried about being caught but are okay once they have been and stand okay for the farrier, they just need a bit more one to one than the Sanctuary can give them with so many equines here. They are 1m-1.10m high and papered. The piebald is 14 years old and the bay is 18. The photos in summer are when they first arrived. They can be rehomed seperately and are suitable for rehoming in the UK


This beautiful Italian Thoroughbred mare is 19 years old, fully papered, healthy and lovely natured. She is quite sensitive as are most Thoroughbreds, so will need rugging and constant access to shelter in the winter. We do not know if she has been ridden in the past of not.

Trotter Gelding

This beautiful trotter gelding arrived with us recently, he has a lovely easy laid back nature and he is a healthy 20 year old. He won the owners a lot of money in his day and has apparently been living in a field for some years quite happily until his owners decided he was getting a bit old to keep and was then sold to the abattoir dealer to go to Italy. He is fully papered


This sweet mare has just arrived with us (November at time of writing) she is 19 years old and has had 17 foals! Like a lot of broodmares she has been used for years  and then when she is too old to breed she has been discarded. As you can see she is rather thin and needs some TLC, we will do our best for her at the Sanctuary where she will have ad-lib hay, feeds and shelter, worming and the dentist so she should pick up soon but she could really do with some one to one. She wil be suitable for rehoming in the UK once she has put on a bit more condition.