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Felicity has been rescuing equines at her home in rural Normandy for over 10 years.  In 2016  The Pegasus Sanctuary registered charity was set up with the aim of increasing awareness of all equines in need, re-homing of equines destined for the abattoir and sharing news from the Sanctuary- including all the news of Felicity’s large family of rescued dogs and cats. In addition we hope to raise much needed funds to help with the day to day costs of the Sanctuary such as feed, care and vets bills.

All the horses, ponies, donkeys, dogs and cats have been rescued by Felicity. Many arrived in a terrible state and have ongoing issues or are of old age and were destined for the abattoir or euthanasia before being given love and safety by Felicity and The Pegasus Sanctuary.

There are currently 40 equines, 8 dogs, 6 cats being cared for.  Some of the equines are available for re-homing to very good homes only, please see our Facebook page for the latest news and equines for urgent rescue. We have some of our longer-term residents on our adoption page, please get in touch if you can help give an equine a home

The Sanctuary is only small, around 10 acres of land with some large cow barns for the equines but Felicity has successfully rescued and re- homed hundreds of equines destined for the abattoir and is the only organisation in Normandy to do so on such a scale. Because of the limited size of the site, lack of funds, and not much physical assistance we have to try and re-home all but the most frail equines and rely heavily on the support of our followers to save, care for and rehome the equines that come to our attention.  


Felicity at the Sanctuary